Daniel Roy Greenfeld

It's the Weekend, Let's Code a Python Project!

I answer the eternal question, "What should I code over the weekend?"

Fri Aug 21 2020 2 min read

It's Friday where I am, maybe Saturday wherever you are. And like me, you're wondering what you are going to code over the weekend. Why code over the weekend? Here are some good reasons:

  • You want to practice your Python to level up your skills
  • Potential employees are asking for portfolio work and your GitHub account is bare
  • Coding in Python is fun!

Well, wonder no further because I just helped Yasoob Khalid of Intermediate Python fame publish his second book, Practical Python Projects!

Practical Python Projects

Practical Python Projects contains a dozen bite-sized weekend-length projects in 325+ pages where Yasoob explores concepts and then codes out solutions. In addition to showing you how he researched each project, he discusses how to change and extend them. This is important because some of the APIs he explores change periodically. This makes the book interesting because it means everyone's experience with it is unique.

I've been coding in Python for 15 years now, yet I've learned some really useful things from Practical Python Projects. For me, the JPEG encoding project alone has been really fun to explore. Speaking of projects, here they are:

  • FIFA World Cup Twilio Bot
  • Making a Reddit + Facebook Messenger Bot
  • Scraping Steam Using lxml
  • Automatic Invoice Generation
  • Article Summarization & Automated Image Generation
  • Cinema Pre-show Generator
  • Understanding and Decoding a JPEG Image using Python (my favorite!)
  • Full Page Scroll Animation Video
  • Visualizing Server Locations
  • Making a TUI Email Client
  • A Music/Video GUI Downloader
  • Deploying Flask to Production

If you're interested in buying Practical Python Projects or want to know more, the first 25 people to use code ppp-pydanny-blog for it on feldroy.com will get 15% off.

Practical Python Projects