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What's the Best Thing about Working for Octopus Energy?

On November 16, 2020, I started my first day of employment at Octopus Energy. Here's why I love working there.

The Tech Stack

The entire tech stack is built on things I know. Python, Django, AWS, and modern JavaScript frameworks. It's been implemented in a very solid way, managing to be both conservative in approach yet innovative in design. While my previous experience has proven useful, I've had the chance to learn new and exciting things. Examples of things I've learned:

  • Hashistack on AWS
  • React & Next.js

Yet when I think about it, the tech stack isn't the best thing about working for Octopus. I can find the same tech stack in a thousand other organizations.

The People

It's always a delight to work with bright, positive-minded people who share your excitement for a job or cause. I like being around people who know things I do not, for no other reason than I can learn by osmosis. I enjoy being around them, and can't wait to meet them as the pandemic fades away.

I also am amazed by the same treatment across different groups within the organization. No group or division is looked down on, be they software engineering, customer support, marketing, or executive leadership. We're all considered humans, not resources to be expended.

Yet when I think about it, while I appreciate my co-workers beyond what words can describe, the people aren't the best thing of working for Octopus. I can and have found good people in other places.

The Diversity

Speaking of people, Octopus Energy is a diversity-minded company. In my team alone, we have people from four different continents with five different native languages. We can admittedly do better on the gender front, and are striving to do better. For many reasons, this is important to me, for I believe it's not only the right thing to do, but it also increases a team's strength to have a broader set of viewpoints.

Yet when I think about it, the focus on diversity isn't the best thing of working for Octopus. Diversity-focused companies are becoming more common, and some even have better numbers than Octopus.

The Business

Octopus Energy is a fast-growing company spreading its tentacles to new markets and nations. In the months and years to come, we're going to disrupt the energy business. In the meantime, in the brief 8 months I've been with the firm the valuation has doubled up to 3 billion dollars. It's exciting to be part of something growing explosively.

Yet when I think about it, the business isn't the best thing of working for Octopus. I can think of other companies with similar explosive growth, some of whom I interviewed when Octopus reached out to me.

What is the best thing about working for Octopus Energy?

If you want to know the the ultimate reason I work for Octopus Energy, read what I wrote here.

Image used with permission by Octopus Energy

Image used with permission by Octopus Energy

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