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I'm Teaching A Live Online Django Crash Course

Live Online Django Training

Course Announcement

On July 16th and 17th of 2020, starting at 9AM PST (4PM UTC), I'll be running a live instruction of my beginner-friendly Django Crash Course. This is a live interactive class conducted via Zoom conferencing software. We're going to walk through the book together with students. If you get stuck, there will be at least two members of the Feldroy team available to help.

Each course day will have two sessions each 3 hours long, as well as an hour-long break between sessions.

Attendees Receive

  • Hours of instruction in building web apps by noted authors and senior programmers
  • An invite to both July 16th and July 17th class days starting at 9AM PST (4PM UTC)
  • The Django Crash Course e-book (if you already bought one, we'll send you a discount code for $19.99 off the online class)
  • Membership in our forthcoming online forums when they are activated

Class Prerequisites

  • Basic knowledge of the Python programming language
  • Computer where you are allowed to install software (No work restrictions)
  • Internet fast enough to join online meetings

Topics Covered

  • Setting up a development environment
    • Python 3.8
    • Django 3.0
    • Database
    • VS Code
  • Cookiecutter for rapidly accelerating development
  • Django
    • Forms
    • Class-Based Views
    • Models
    • Templates
    • Admin
  • Writing Django tests
    • PyTest
    • Factories
  • Best practices per Two Scoops of Django
    • Proven patterns for avoiding duplication of work (DRY)
    • Writing maintainable code
    • More secure projects

We're selling the course for the introductory price of just $99 and space is limited, so register today!

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